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  • Wherever we turn we can see Green Plants and Blue Sky that flourishes our surroundings.
  • After Industrialization and Urbanization, wherever we turn we can see only, colorful infrastructure which was developed after Deforestation.
  • Mordhana Ashram Organic Nursery Garden is closely observing the nature and its drastic changes.
  • More than a decade we are trying to establish greenery around the surroundings of Industry, Institutions, Home and Public places, we have explored more about Plants, Trees and its usage.
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What is a Tree

In General Tree is a large plant.

  • A plant with more than four meters in height is considered as a Tree.
  • A tree with a single trunk that grows in broader with age and branches.
  • Trees are the longest living species on Earth.

Structure of a Tree.


First tree on Earth

  • Trees are bigger plants. The first plant on earth evolved in water before they moved onto dry garden.
  • Unfortunately we don’t have any fossils of the first aquatic plants.
  • The first land plant appeared around 470 million years ago, during Ordovician period.
  • They were Non- Vascular plants like Mosses and Live worms.

Mordhana Ashram Organic Nursery Garden understand the value of trees and we analyze the plants that are suitable for your surroundings. We produce Grasses, Plants and Trees organically, more than a decade.

Benefits of Trees

  • Trees provide shades around your living space.
  • Trees can sooth and relax us. It also helps us to connect with Nature and our surrounding.
  • Naturally the color green is calming.
  • Green color in plants and trees helps your eyes quickly recover from Strain.
  • By planting and caring trees you help to improve your surroundings.
  • Trees reduces Pollution
  • Trees give cooling effect around your living space.
  • Some trees provide positive energy around our surroundings.
  • Trees improve the appearance of your surroundings.
  • Trees are also used for Manufacturing Ship, Wooden works in Home & Industries.

Mordhana Ashram Organic Nursery Garden uses Trees not only just for their beauty, but also for the following benefits.

  • Trees benefits Health
  • Trees benefits Environment
  • Trees benefits Wildlife
  • Trees grows the Economy
  • Trees protect the Future.


  • Our Ancestors planted trees in the past.
  • We are harvesting its benefits in the present.
  • Are we really broad minded to carry these benefits for the Future generation?

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