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Who are We?

Pioneer in Organic garden

We are first growers of best organic lawn grass and all kinds of Garden plants and trees etc,. for landscape in Chennai and Tamilnadu at large scale level through natural organic method.

our motto

With our passion for landscape gardening in Vellore, Chennai and Tamilnadu, we are eagerly looking forward for customers every single day to create a unique design to the taste of customers.

How we started and Grew?

With the Inspiration from our Guruji who says,”Go back to Nature”, we started Gardening in our Ashram by purchasing Lawn grass and Nursery Plants from the Local and known vendors.

In a very short span they lost their life. We came to know they were cultivated with chemical fertilizers.

Hence we decided to make our own garden by using only natural Organic fertilizers.

Initially we struggled a lot with the minimal knowledge in Producing and Maintaining Organic Landscape Garden.

As directed by our Guruji, few of his disciples got degree in Horticulture and Organic Farming and made the organic gardening process better in our Ashram.

We saw our efforts successful as we met our vision.

We made other disciples who were working in Ashram to know about it and with many years of experience, now we have many experts in organic landscape gardening.

Guruji insisted on spreading this goodness of Organic landscape garden to people who look for it.

Just because the cost of producing organic garden products are very high, initially we were unable to compete with low cost inorganic garden products available in the market.

With our great efforts in due course of time, we were able to educate the customers regarding the benefits of organic landscape gardening.

By the grace of God, now the demand for organic landscape garden had increased after practically enjoying and experiencing the benefits of Organic garden.

We have our experts in Agriculture and horticulture who have been in this field for more than 10 years who apply latest technology with organic manures and natural bio fertilisers.

Our garden lawn grass produced through organic bio fertiliser is under the strict supervision of these experts to maintain the standard quality and purity of original Korean and Mexican lawn grass mats.

We have experts in Garden Landscape Designing for Institutions, Industries, hotels, parks, office complex, appartments etc., who will be able to design according to the latest technology and to the taste of the customers.

Our Garden Landscape Design team have experts who have worked on many projects like Indoor Gardening, Children’s garden, House garden, Park gardening, Container garden, Raiser bed garden, Rock garden, Pebble garden, Hanging garden, Community garden, water garden, water falls garden, Fountain garden, Lake view garden, Dam view garden, River view garden, Mountain view garden, Vertical landscape garden etc.,

How we differ from others?

Many lawn and garden cultivators with commercial motive produce the grass mats with minimum efforts and time through inorganic chemical fertilisers. These inorganic chemical fertilisers not only give short life to the grass and plants, but also degrade the quality of the Soil, pollute the ground water and affect the ecological balance.

And that is how the commercial people sell at very cheap rate. We ashram people serve and survive in the name of God. So we sell quality products at very reasonable price.

We kindly request to try our service and feel the difference.

We test, analyse, prepare your soil suitable to create beautiful garden and then choose grass and plants suitable to your soil and climate.

Oxygen rich air and positive energy in your surroundings with our peculiar grass varieties trees and plants.

We grow and provide high quality Organic Korean, Mexican grasses, plants and trees.

Why Choose Us?

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Key Factors


Cultivation land is prepared only through natural organic manures like Vermocopost, Cow dung, Panchagavya, Jeevamirthum, Decomposed molasses, leaf mould etc,.

We do not use any kind of Inorganic pest control instead we use only biological pest control

We use bio fertilizer and many varieties of biological beneficial bacteria like pseudomonas, Trichoderma, Phosphobacteria, Rhizobium, Azospirillum, Potash bacteria etc,. for strengthening the soil.

As a result all our nursery products have natural disease resisting capacity, climate stress resisting capacity, transplantation stress tolerance etc,. with long life.

Our lawn grass produced through maximum natural and organic matters will never pollute the land and will be rich in green color, which will not fade in due course of time.

Low Maintenance

As our lawn grass, plants and trees are grown via natural and organic fertilisers; basic care is enough to maintain it.


We make our garden unique with the ideas of how the gardens are set up in developed countries.

We are trying to renovate the gardening by mixing the modern ideas in designing with the old technique of natural cultivation.

Expertised Horticulturists

Our nursery garden is supervised by degree holders in Agriculture and Horticulture who have experience of more than a decade with us since inception.

Dedicated workers, work under these experts, day and night to deliver the project in time.


We are disciplined and dedicated to a work and hence you can rely on us to complete in time.

We work to satisfy our soul by making others happy in making their dream Garden come true.

Investment Worthy

With our best Garden Landscape Design you can improve the quality of air, water and environment and also maintain the purity of ground water; as we do not use harmful pesticides and inorganic fertilizers for cultivating.

The above qualities along with reasonable rate has made us the top and the best landscape designers in Vellore, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

We the Ashram people believe in quality and dedication and that’s the key factor that we are often selected by many customers.

No, 282,Ragimanapalli Village, Mordhana post, Gudiyatham, Vellore district. 632601

+91 9751608818


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