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Terrace Garden

Terrace Garden

Have you ever enjoyed the rising Sun with a cup of Coffee in your Terrace / Balcony in the center of lush green lawn? If No, Please call Mordhana Ashram Organic Nursery Garden @ 9751608818.

What is Terrace Garden?

Due to the Increase of population is urban, Apartments are becoming more popular in city area. With the increase of Apartment,  people started thinking  that they are disconnected from Nature.

Why to Build Terrace Garden?

Here are some advantages of Terrace Garden

  • During Hot Summer Terrace garden reduces the Indoor temperature of your home by 6-8 degrees.
  • Terrace garden absorbs carbon dioxide and reduces the heat of the surroundings.
  • Terrace garden relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Terrace garden increases the look of your building.
  • Terrace garden increases the amount of oxygen in air.
  • Terrace garden reduces sound pollution.
  • Terrace garden give a feel that we are still connected to nature.
  • Terrace garden increases the resale value of your building by 20-30%.

We, the Mordhana Ashram Organic Nursery garden have studied deeply about the benefits of Terrace garden and best in setting up the same.

Stay connected with us to know more about how to set up Terrace Garden.

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