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Mexican Grass

Mexican Grass


  • Mornings are more beauty and energetic when you inhale fresh air from your garden.
  • For Garden Mexican lawn grasses are more beautiful.
  • For Mexican Lawn grasses Mordhana Ashram Organic Nursery Garden is the leading company which produces organic Lawn Grasss.



  • Origin of Mexican lawn grass is Philippines from then it is used in U.S.A . Considering the nature of growth and its beautiful appearance, it is also used in American, Asia & Australian countries.
  • As the best Landscape Designer in Vellore and Chennai, we use pure organic Mexican grass  instead of mixing lawn grasses and chemical Mexican grass.



  • Mexican lawn grass grows well in moderate & cold climate.
  • Mexican lawn grass grown in hot climate has leaves bigger than its nature of growth.
  • For Mexican lawn Grasses Normal/Medium watering is enough.
  • Mexican lawn grasses will be able to resist the temperature fluctuation.
  • Mexican lawn grass grows well in full sunlight.
  • Sometime Mexican lawn grass grows fast in the shade area with lesser density.


Uses of Organic Mexican Grass 

  • Organic Mexican grasses are generally used in both Domestic & Commercial Landscape gardening.
  • considering its less maintenance, Organic Mexican lawn grasses are also used in play grounds.
  • Organic Mexican lawn grass are used in Pathway, Driveway.
  • Nowadays, Mexican lawn grasses also used in Party lawn for Outdoor party
  • As the best landscape designer in Vellore and Chennai, we have deeply analysed the use of Mexican lawn grass that is suitable for both Domestic / Commercial gardening.


 Lawn Care / Maintenance

  • Avoid regular walking on lawn grasses.
  • Regular watering is necessary.
  • Mexican Lawn grasses to be mowed once in two months.
  • Apply Manures whenever necessary
  • Regularly apply Insects and pest repellents for Organic Mexican grasses.
  • Required weed maintenance once in a month.
  • Lawn care is the major part in landscape gardening than setting up new garden. We the best landscaper in Chennai and Vellore, we provide best Lawn grass maintenance service.



With more than 10 years of experience in Landscape gardening We, Mordhana Ashram Organic Nursery Garden have studied deeply the benefits of organic gardens.

  • Organic Lawn grasses possess long life compared to Chemical grass.
  • Organic Lawn grasses possess Natural green colour which will not fade in due course of time.
  • Organic Lawn grasses will not pollute your Ground water level.
  • Organic Lawn grasses resistant to Climate Stress.
  • Organic Lawn grasses will not be affected by Insects and Pests easily.
  • Organic Lawn grasses will not contaminate Soil.
  • Organic Lawn grasses acts as good Soil Modulators.


Note: All the above mentioned benefits are only for Organic Mexican Lawn grasses. There are Inorganic Mexican grasses abundantly available in the market, which has less life span and less resistant to disease compared to Organic Lawn grasses.

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