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Foxtail Palm tree

Foxtail Palm tree

  • Professional Landscape Design is incomplete without the Foxtail Palm tree.
  • The Foxtail Palm tree is the widely used Landscape palm tree across the world.
  • The Foxtail Palm tree has gained its popularity only after being introduced in Florida.
  • It is still popular for its durability and tolerant to a wide variety of soil conditions.
  • As Mordhana Ashram Organic Nursery Garden is always trying to adopt new plants and trees in Garden, we understand the apt usage of Foxtail Palm. For more ideas on Garden, please call us at 9751608818

Foxtail Palm Tree Naming

Palm Tree Name

Fox Tail Palm

Common Name

Wodyetia Bifurcate

Botanical Name

Foxtail Palm, Wodyetia Bifurcata












Fox Tail Tree Habitat

Continent of Origin


Country of Origin




Palm Cold Tolerant

Approximately 30 to 40 Degree Fahrenheit

Foxtail Palm Tree Physical Appearance

  • Foxtail Palm grows to a height of 12-30 Feet and it spreads across 10-12 feet.
  • The Foxtail palm tree trunk is smooth, thin and self-cleaning.
  • Foxtail Palm trunk grows in a single, double and triple trunk that is slightly spindle-shaped with the columnar trunk.
  • The colour of Foxtail ranges from dark grey to light grey and can slowly turn to white.
  • Crown Shaft ranges from light to bright green and has swollen base.

Foxtail Palm Tree growth Attribute

Palm speed of growth


Palm Radial Spacing

5-15 feet

Sun Exposure

Full Sun to light shade

Drought Tolerance

Moderate to highly drought tolerance

Salt Tolerance


Bloom Time

Late Spring/Early Summer

Foxtail Palm tree propagation

            Palm tree seed size is 1.5 inches long. Seed Colour is deep brown or black with a vein like texture, covered with fibers. Foxtail Palm tree is poisonous if ingested.

            Seeds of the Foxtail Palm are obtained from the ripe red fruits. The fruit grows plentifull on the stalk. Seeds of the Foxtail typically germinate in less than three months. The shelf life of Foxtail Palm seed is one year if treated and stored properly.

Foxtail Palm seeds and growing

            Foxtail Palm tree can be grown indoors, in the right condition. The optimal temperature of germination is 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Added humidity and heat is recommended during cooler months.

As the Foxtail Palm tree requires less maintenance, Mordhana Ashram Organic Nursery Garden uses Foxtail Palm both in Commercial and Residential gardening. For landscape gardening in vellore, Chennai and Tamilnadu kindly visit

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