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Bringing the Garden Indoors: Creating an Indoor Workstation Oasis

In today’s fast-paced world, finding moments of calm in the hustle and bustle can be challenging. However, integrating elements of nature into our indoor workstations can offer a refreshing oasis of calm and creativity. One of the most delightful ways to achieve this is by cultivating a garden within your workspace. As a leading landscape architect, Mordhana Ashram Organic Nursery Garden, innovates garden around you in all possible ways


Choose Easy Plants

Plants not only beautify spaces but also have a lot of benefits for our well-being. They purify the air, boost mood, reduce stress, and increase productivity. When selecting plants for your indoor garden, consider factors like lighting conditions, space availability, and your commitment to maintenance. Low-light options like pothos and snake plants thrive in office environments, requiring minimal care. For those with ample sunlight, flowering plants such as peace lilies and orchids can add a splash of colour


Designing the Layout of your Desk / Table

The layout of your indoor garden workstation should promote a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics. Integrate plants strategically around your desk, utilizing shelves, hanging planters, or even a living wall for vertical space. Ensure that your workspace remains organised to allow for easy movement and access to natural light. Incorporate natural materials like wood and stone in your furniture and décor to complement the organic feel of your garden


Nurturing Creativity

A garden-inspired workspace has the power to stimulate creativity and innovation. Surrounding yourself with nature’s beauty can ignite inspiration and encourage outside-the-box thinking. Take breaks from your tasks to tend to your plants, nurturing them with care and attention. These moments of mindfulness can serve as mental resets, enhancing focus and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, the presence of living organisms fosters a sense of responsibility, which can translate into a more careful approach to your work


Creating a Sensory Experience

Beyond visual appeal, a garden workstation engages all the senses, creating a multi-dimensional experience. Incorporate fragrant herbs like lavender and rosemary to infuse your space with calming aromas. The sound of trickling water from a small fountain or the gentle rustle of leaves in a breeze machine can mimic the soothing ambiance of an outdoor garden


Enjoy the senses with cut flowers

In the middle of deadlines and demands, it’s essential to carve out moments of mindfulness within your day. You can use cut flowers to decorate your desk/Table for a colourful workstation. This will be appealing to your eyes and refresh your thoughts. Use it as a space for meditation, yoga, or simply to enjoy a cup of tea in the greenery. Your indoor garden workstation serves as a sanctuary where you can pause, breathe, and reconnect with the present moment. By fostering a mindful approach to work, you’ll cultivate resilience, reduce burnout, and enhance overall well-being



At Mordhana Ashram Organic Nursery Garden we have created many green work station to our customer and received positive fee backs. For more details and assistance kindly reach the website transforming your indoor workstation into a garden oasis is a testament to the transformative power of nature. By embracing greenery, thoughtful design, and sensory experiences, you can create a space that nourishes both your productivity and your soul. Cultivate mindfulness, nurture creativity, and reap the countless benefits of bringing the garden indoors. As you tend to your plants and tend to your tasks, may your workspace bloom with inspiration and vitality.

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