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Best Birthday Gift for your Children (or) Unique gift for your Children


This year, spark your child’s curiosity and nurture a lifelong love for nature with a unique, educational, and living gift: a plant! While it might seem unconventional, read this article to discover how plants offer more than just decoration. They become gateways to wonder, a sense of responsibility, and cultivate a connection with the natural world. At Mordhana Ashram Organic Nursery Garden in Vellore, we’re passionate about sharing this knowledge with the next generation.

Research on Kids with plants

At our organic nursery, we conducted an experiment by gifting small indoor plants to the children of many of our clients. We then followed up with regular visits to monitor their interest. We were thrilled to discover that over 90% of the children actively cared for their plants, even requesting more!

Taking the engagement further, we provided them with strawberry, orange, and lemon trees to plant and nurture in open gardens. To our delight, the children enthusiastically cared for these fruit trees and proudly shared photos of their harvest. Many of our clients have expressed joy at seeing their children spending less time on television and online games and more time exploring the wonders of nature through gardening.

Why Plants Make Perfect Presents:

  • Nurturing Responsibility: Caring for a plant teaches children valuable lessons about commitment and responsibility. They’ll learn about watering, sunlight, and proper care, fostering a sense of accomplishment as their little green friend thrives.

  • Blooming Curiosity: Plants pique a child’s natural curiosity. Watching them grow, observing different textures and shapes, and maybe even witnessing the miracle of a flower bud opening – it’s all an exciting science lesson in real-time!

  • Calming Companions: Studies show that plants have a calming effect, reducing stress and anxiety. This makes them perfect companions for children, offering a quiet space to relax and connect with nature, even within their own room.

  • Growing Creativity: Plants spark imagination! They can become characters in stories, leafy fortresses, or miniature worlds to explore. The possibilities are endless, encouraging creativity and imaginative play.

  • Eco-Conscious Choice: Unlike plastic toys that end up in landfills, plants contribute to a healthier environment. They purify the air, add oxygen, and connect children to the importance of sustainability.


Choosing the Right Plant:

  • Age: For younger children, opt for easy-care plants like succulents or spider plants. Older kids might enjoy air plants, carnivorous plants, or even herb gardens.

  • Interests: Does your child love dinosaurs? Gift a prehistoric-looking fern! Do they have a sweet tooth? A strawberry plant is a delicious choice. Consider their interests for a personalized touch.

  • Aesthetics: Choose a plant that complements their room’s decor or their favourite colour. A pot they can decorate themselves adds an extra personal touch.


Make it a Fun Experience:

  • Involve them: Let your child choose the plant, decorate the pot, and help with the initial care. This fosters ownership and excitement.

  • Create a plant journal: Track the growth together, document observations, and draw pictures. This becomes a cherished treasure and learning tool.

  • Celebrate milestones: Throw a “leaf-day” party when the plant reaches a new leaf or blooms. Celebrate their success in caring for their green friend!


Gifting a plant is more than just a present; it’s an investment in your child’s growth, responsibility, and love for nature. So, ditch the plastic and embrace the power of green! Watch your child’s eyes light up as they witness the magic of life unfolding, leaf by leaf, and create lasting memories that bloom with every birthday.Feel free to call us in selecting plants and garden and visit our website

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