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Bermuda Grass

  • Are you ready to play Cricket?
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  • All the grasses are not suitable for playgrounds. There are certain varieties of grasses which are really suitable for playgrounds. Among all, the grasses Bermuda grass is well suited for Playgrounds.


  • Bermuda grass is also known as Couch grass, Silk grass or wire grass. Scientific name of Bermuda grass is Cynodon Dactylon.
  • Bermuda grass is originated from African Savannah and India. In general, it is a type of weed. Since, the grass is introduced to USA from Bermuda it is called as Bermuda grass.


  • The colour of Cricket ground grass is dark green.
  • Cricket ground grass has the ability to grow in all extreme climate conditions.
  • Cricket ground grass has a good tolerance capacity against insects and Pest.
  • Bermuda grass grows well in Coastal areas.
  • Bermuda grass is a perennial lawn grass.
  • Bermuda grass needs Sun and grows well in Tropical and Sub-tropical regions.

Lawn Care / Maintenance

  • Regular watering is necessary.
  • Cricket ground Lawn grasses has to be mowed once in a month.
  • Apply Manures whenever necessary.
  • Regularly apply Insects and pest repellents for Organic Bermuda grasses.
  • Weed maintenance should be done once in a month.
  • Avoid regular walking and Playing on lawn grasses.

Lawn care plays a vital role in landscape gardening than setting up new garden. As we are one among best landscaper in Chennai and Vellore, we provide best Lawn grass maintenance service.

Uses of Bermuda grass

Apart from its wide garden and Playground uses. Bermuda grass also has the following Medicinal uses.

  • Bermuda grass juice is great for alkalizing, thus helps to prevent acidosis that eventually creates inflammations which opens the door to the creation of diseases.
  • As Bermuda grass is good detoxing agent, it helps to clean the liver and cells.
  • Since, Bermuda grass juice contains over 65% chlorophyll it has the ability to boost haemoglobin and red blood production. Thus, helps in curing Anaemia.
  • Bermuda grass reduces and stabilizes the blood sugar level of the body.
  • Bermuda grass juice helps to flush out Kidney stones and helps in curing Urinary tract infections.
  • Bermuda grass juice helps to open up the Lungs and clears away Congestions.
  • Bermuda grass also used to treat cold, flues, Asthma and bronchitis.
  • Bermuda grass helps to those who suffer from constant hunger.
  • Bermuda grass juice helps to treat minor rashes, irritations and Eczema.

Since, Bermuda grasses are used for playgrounds, Mordhana Ashram Organic Nursery Garden cultivates Organic Bermuda grass. As the leading Landscape developing Company in chennai and Vellore we only use organic Grasses, Plants and Trees. For more assistance on Landscape Garden Designing please visit our website

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