Which is the best lawn type for your home Garden?

Are you confused with many lawn grasses in the Market

Travel this blog and answer the below queries. Finally you will come to know, which is the best  Lawn type for your home.

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  1. Do you know the difference between Organic Garden and Chemical Garden?
  2. Do you know how many types of Garden lawns available in market?
  3. Do you know the life span of Garden Lawns?
  4. Do you know how often you need to mow to maintain lawn grass?
  5. Do you know which lawn Grass variety will suit your area/soil type?

With More than 10 years of experience in the field, we found that most of the Domestic and Commercial Garden Aspirants don’t have a single “Yes” for the above.


          If you don’t have an idea on these feel free to call us @ 9444273001 before you get confused by browsing or consulting people with less knowledge in Landscape Gardening.

Business is not all about money,its about service. We at Mordhana Ashram Organic Nursery Garden trying to make every hour happy for our customer by creating Long Lasting Organic Landscape garden.

First, wevisit your proposed area and analyze it in detail, to understand your Area / Soil type, Climate,Water sourcesetc and prepare a Landscape Design that suits your Infrastructure.

With the Certified,experienced and dedicatedProfessionals, we execute our projects and havesuccessfully established our name in the market.

As the Best Organic Landscape Designers in Vellore and Chennai

We come to you…

We plan your dreamgarden design for you…

We execute the plan bycreatingbeautiful Organic Garden for you.

Choosing the best lawn type for your home is an Art. We the Best Landscape Designer in Chennai, Vellore and its surroundings, Specialist in selecting the best lawn type for your home, will execute the best for you.

Its just a minute of time to call us @9444273001 before investing lakhs of money on Landscape garden.

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Mordhana Ashram Organic Nursery Garden

Who we are?

Mordhana Ashram Organic Nursery Garden is a part of “MUKTHI MAARKA SABAI” founded by our Guruji in 2006.It is the leading Organic Lawn grass cultivating company which has a reputed brand name across South India more than a decade. With the vibrant thoughts from our Guruji  “ GO BACK TO NATURE” we started doing Organic Landscape gardening  with more than  50 people who are  fully dedicated to Garden Services. Our Chief Operational area for Landscape Service is Vellore, Chennai and its surroundings. We can also render our Garden Landscape Services across South India.

mordhana organic nursery garden

What we do?

We offer you the Professional landscape service across Tamilnadu.

 Are you are looking for

  1. Landscape Gardening
  2. Water Features
  3. Yoga garden
  4. Acupressure pathway
  5. Commercial Gardening     – You will find that we are highly experienced and in good customer friendly relationship.

How we differ?

  • We use Organic Lawn grasses that possess long life compared to Chemical lawn grasses in the market.   
  • Usually Garden lawn grasses should be mowed once in two months. But, our special variety Organic lawn grasses shall be mowed once in two years and thereby you can save mowing labour cost.
  • We produce Lawn grasses, plants and Trees that are cultivated only through Organic Fertilizers like Panchakavya, Jeevamirtham and Biological beneficial bacterias.
  • During Lawn care maintenance, we don’t use chemicals for treating insects and Pests, instead we only use Organic repellents.
  • We have been in Garden service for more than 10 years with Certified & Qualified Professionals in the Garden field.
  • Whenever you think of planning an Organic pollution free garden, call us @9444273001 for free consultation.

 Our Vision

               It’s our vision to be recognised as the foremost Garden Landscaping Company in South India and to be the choice of everyone when they plan for Organic Commercial or Domestic Gardening

Our Mission

Our mission is to render/provide high quality creative Organic Landscape garden service in both Domestic and Commercial Gardening across South India that totally meet the client’s need and flourishing pollution free Greenery to the environment.

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